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What's the best April Fool's joke you've seen today?

There havent been any good ones..

The one on Plurk.com made me roll my eyes. They could have come up with something better than that "Bitter" post about changing their entire platform.

We have decided to call this wonderful new service of ours Bitter. Here is how it will differ from Plurk:

* No more emoticons. No fun.
* Forced usage of geeky conventions such as “@username” and “#blah”.
* You will be unable to follow conversation replies easily.
* No more picture or video embeds. Life in mono rocks!
* Promoting a landfill of unmarked, potentially incentivized and potentially misleading url shortened links.
* No more private messages to a smaller subset or clique of your friends or followers.
* Limited customization options aimed at keeping the tone of the service clinical, boring, spammy and lifeless.


Unleash Potatoes
Spam email title: "Did you get your dsjtlkasjt today?" .... Why no, no I did not.

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My dog pissed on my mom... classic.

Pluto's Orbit
Pigs and Umbrellas.

I swear.

Stanley 10"

Gas Station
Super Size Me!

was a rather interesting documentary.

Mixed Berry Power Zero tastes like your moms' toenail.

Stationary Paper

Postage Stamps
Italian Wedding Soup


Think about it.


And when you realize this post made no sense, and was 'gay' 'stupid' 'fail' 'doing it wrong!'

Congratulations, go tell your mom.

Tales of a Pre-Spring Balloon.
Sometimes I wonder.

Why bathrooms are habitually decorated in a FOREST or beach theme?

We're a civilization that has evolved well enough to use indoor plumbing, are we not? [Don't ask the homeless]

Where on that fast track to proud man-dominating-nature process, did we decide that...


Taking a piss or shit, in an outdoor setting was socially liked?

I just don't get it. . .


I don't know about you but I'm not a big fan of being stared at by woodsy creatures or thinking about sand in my ass crack while I'm in the bathroom.

I get that the themes are 'calming'
to some. . .

But to me, I hate it when I feel like I just stepped down the evolutionary staircase when I go to the bathroom at my local beach or nature trail
While still being in the comforts of my own home.

Yeah, my upstairs bathroom is a forest theme, and my downstairs bathroom looks like Cape Hatteras went through mitosis and threw up in it at the same time.

__x Rachel



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